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Creation's Garden launches Website to provide health as nature intended
Health Website plans to educate consumers about benefits of using natural products

Los Angeles, CA (September 1, 2010) – Creation's Garden will launch their Website on Sept. 1, to provide consumers with natural, organic supplementation products and educate the public on the importance of health and wellness.

Founded in 1992 by Dino Guglielmelli, Creation's Garden manufactures nutrition supplements, liquids, juices, powders and teas using the highest quality of certified organic and standardized ingredients.

“Our mission at Creation's Garden® Natural Products, Inc. is to be a full-service natural health company focusing on licensed cGMP manufacturing practices, certified organic raw materials to produce the highest quality natural products available,” according to the company.

More than 700 whole food, plant cell-based supplements, total body cleansers, and immune and energy boost vitamins are available. Using plant cell-based whole food is the proper way to  absorb  vitamins and the company offers something for everyone, including children.

The company also distributes skincare products from SKIN by Monica Olsen, a natural cosmeceutical skincare line and Flying Basset, plant cell supplements for dogs and cats.

In addition to selling natural products, the company is environmentally conscious.  Unique packaging decisions are made so that there is little to no impact on the environment.  Creation’s Garden supports charities who are working tirelessly to save rain forests.  Further, they seek to educate youth on health and wellness.

The Website hosts an online library with articles on wellness, proper supplementation, good nutrition, and facts about vitamins to better inform consumers on supplements.  

Creation's Garden manufactures all of their products in the U.S., in an over-the-counter and certified Good Manufacturing Practice licensed manufacturing facility. The company's manufactured products meet Federal Drug and Administration regulations.

For more information about Creation's Garden, visit or call 866.675.1999.

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